IMPERFECT Wooden Memory Card Game (discounted price) - cupcake

IMPERFECT Wooden Memory Card Game (discounted price) - cupcake

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IMPERFECT Wooden Memory Card Game (discounted price) - cupcake

These discs have small timber or etching flaws. They are perfectly round still but visually you can see some flaws. They have been discounted greatly. 
There are no returns on the are we have made it very clear that they are flawed (yet still beautiful). Discs may different then the image. The image you see is just one set. Each set has different flaws. **These are a natural wooden product, therefore not each disc is the same. There will be some inperfections in laser work due to the natural nature of the product.  By purchasing, you acknowledged this**

Place these quality wooden discs next to baby and take a photo with your phone or camera to capture your baby as they grow.
An amazing unique gift for expecting mummies who have everything!

Prices included GST. Item will be posted within 3 business working days. 

Printed on quality 3mm wood. Carved with laser. 5cm width

A unique game for children. Minimilst, fun and easy enough to add to your handbag to pull out at appointments or moments you need a bit of peace and quiet. 

Played like traditional memory card games, set cards up in rows of 3, design side face down. Take turns turning over two discs. If discs are the same, kee[ the set for yourself. if they are not, put face down again and its the next players turn. Winner is who has the most sets at the end of the game. 

There are three designs to pick from - cupcakes, animal faces or woodland.

This listing is for the cupcake. 

Hours and hours of endless old fashioned fun. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3. 


12x wooden memory card discs (no cotton bag included)