About Us

Welcome to Hello Fern, where cherished memories meet the timeless beauty of wooden keepsakes.

In August of 2023, Hello Fern found new roots in the hands of Abby-Jane, an small-business entrepreneur, who is passionate about crafting meaningful connections through heartfelt creations. Abby-Jane is also the proud owner of Stomping Elephants, another small-business built from the ground up and a testament to Abby's passion and dedication for creating unique, quality products that bring happiness and joy to people every day.

Born and raised in beautiful Mackay, QLD, Abby-Jane's passion for supporting local is evident in all that she does. Hello Fern proudly stands as a local supporter, employing over ten talented individuals from the community. Each member contributes their unique touch, crafting every keepsake with the utmost care and attention to detail.

At Hello Fern, we curate a haven for those seeking the essence of treasured moments. Our collection of exquisite wooden baby and family keepsakes embodies the belief in celebrating life's magical journey. We understand the value of preserving these moments, and our keepsakes are designed to capture the essence of a family's unique story.

Whether commemorating a milestone, embracing a new arrival, or simply adorning your home with heartwarming tokens, our creations are crafted to resonate with the love and warmth of shared moments.

Hello Fern invites you to explore our collection, and join us in celebrating the beauty of life's most cherished moments, lovingly etched into each exquisite wooden keepsake.

Thanks for stopping by!

Abby & The Hello Fern Team