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    By purchasing these items, you AGREE to the following: 

    1. SALE ORDERS must have a min order amount of $15. If you order under this, your order will be cancelled and refunded. 


    3. These items are deemed safe but their appearance are not suitable for selling at full price. There will be one OR more issues with each disc. You are NOT permitted to pick which 'issue' you want, your disc will be picked at random from our seconds pile. Alot are very hard to notice, making for beautiful keepsakes

    4. We destroy any pieces that highly visually flawed. Seconds issues include but are not limited to: dark grain (lighter etch), dark marks, burn marks, small etch errors, glue marks, stickers on back (not visible from front) and small cut marks on the back etc.   White acrylic may have glue marks

    BOOK ISSUES: Most of the books have one very small flaw, meaning the rest of the book is perfect. Some issues are: very small chips on covers, dark grain on covers, small creases on 1 or more pages, small ink marks on pages (nothing over a pea size). White acrylic may have glue marks

    5. There are NO returns, exchanges or refunds on second sale items 

    6. MIXED SETS: these sets are mixed with 2 different styles to make up one set. 

    7. There are NO holds on any items, first in best dressed

    8. NO AFTERPAY. Any order made with afterpay will be invoiced the fees that we are to pay (we wont make any money from your order if you pay with afterpay

    9. Please allow 3-4 working business days for us to send out your items. 


    NO TRACKING: If purchasing ONE, TWO or THREE birth/single announcement discs, you will NOT get tracking. These can take 4-14 days to arrive. ADD EXPRESS IF YOU WANT TRACKING

    TRACKING: If purchasing 4+ discs or a milestone set/book, you will receive tracking. These can take 4-14 days to arrive. These can take 4-10 days to arrive. ADD EXPRESS IF YOU NEED SOONER

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